Travis Barker Height, Age, Net Worth, Body Stats, Family, And Bio.

Enter Travis Barker’s wild, tattooed world, where the beats are just as intense as the designs on his body. Travis Barker height, age, and other details are the topic of today’s discussion. Barker is more than simply a drummer at 6 feet 1 inch he is a giant in the world of rhythm, with his sticks telling stories that will last forever. Barker, a legendary figure in punk rock, was born in Fontana, California, on November 14, 1975. Although he is 48 years old, his heart beats to the unrelenting beat of music that never gets old. 

His enormous rise in wealth after leaving the stage is evidence of a career that goes beyond beats and breaks. By penetrating the layers. You will uncover a vegan warrior, a family man, and a parent who defies convention with each tattoo that adorns his body. Come along on this musical voyage with us as we explore the mystery surrounding Travis Barker, where age is simply a minor detail in the grand scheme of his existence, and rhythm collides with defiance.

Travis Barker Biography Wiki

Travis Barker Height Age And Bio.Greetings from the thrilling world of Travis Barker, the pulsating force behind some of the most recognizable rhythms in the music business. Travis Landon Barker was born in Fontana, California, on November 14, 1975. His rhythmic debut would later change the rock and hip-hop genres.

Barker showed a natural love of music from a young age. At the young age of four, he embarked on his drumming journey, setting the groundwork for an illustrious career. He began honing his craft with punk rock bands as a teenager, which is when his distinctive style, which combines energy and precision, was born.



Born Name The Baron von Tito Bones Clarence
Nick Name Travis Baker
Date of Birth November 14, 1975
Place of Birth Fontana, California, U.S.
Age 48 years
Nationality American
Profession Musician, Drummer, Song writer
Race/Ethnicity Unknown
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male

Travis Barker Height

Travis Barker is a massive figure in the music industry, standing a commanding 6 feet 1 inch. The enormous influence he has had on the music industry is demonstrated by his towering presence behind the drum kit. Barker’s height is a metaphor for the enormous effect he has on the music industry. Whether he’s rocking the stage with Blink-182 or working with musicians from other genres.

Travis Barker Age

The rhythm maestro is 48 years old as of right now, demonstrating that in Barker’s world, age is just a number. His unwavering quest for creative brilliance has allowed him to constantly push limits and redefine what’s possible in the rapidly changing field of music, keeping him youthful at heart.

Travis Barker Height, Age, Net Worth, Body Stats, Family, and Bio

Travis Barker Height, Age, Net Worth, Body Stats, Family, And Bio.

Travis Barker Net Worth

With a staggeringly high net worth that is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $50 million. Travis Barker is a successful drummer who also dabbles in entrepreneurship and business partnerships.  Barker has skillfully turned his talent for music into a lucrative business. His diverse success can be seen by his net worth, which includes business interests and music royalties.

Travis Barker Body Stats

Barker’s drumming prowess is matched only by his physical attributes. His tattooed and slender body perfectly captures the rebellious and edgy vibe that permeates his songs. His toned arms, which are the product of many hours spent in front of the drum kit and a strict exercise routine, demonstrate his dedication to fitness. This iconic figure in punk music is not just a skillful player but also a formidable visual presence.

Travis Barker Family

Travis Barker’s family is the center of his universe; they are located beyond the blazing lights and boisterous throng. Barker is a loving father whose relationship with his kids, Alabama and Landon, demonstrates the gentler side of the tattooed percussionist. He maintains an active role in their lives despite the demands of his work, striking a healthy balance between home and the stage.


Beyond his biological family, Travis Barker’s family consists of a close-knit group of friends and colleagues. Who has grown to become his musical family? Whether it’s his partnerships with hip-hop artists like Machine Gun Kelly or the brotherhood of Blink-182, Barker’s family isn’t characterized by traditional conventions but rather by a common love of inventing innovative music.

Interesting Facts

  • Travis Barker has a well-known dread of flying, even though he has traveled extensively throughout his life. After he survived a terrifying plane crash in 2008, which profoundly altered his life, this dread became more intense.
  • Barker’s body is a work of art, with several tattoos that encapsulate his experiences in both life and music. Each tattoo, which ranges from drumsticks to skulls, tells a story and transforms his body into a living autobiography.
  • Barker is an advocate for a vegan lifestyle in addition to his business and musical endeavors. His dedication to a plant-based diet is consistent with his philosophy of environmentally sensitive and thoughtful living.
  • His favorite personality is Mark Wahlberg.



Q: What inspired Travis Barker to become a drummer?

A toy drum kit Travis Barker got when he was four years old sparked his interest in drumming. He set off on a musical adventure that would reshape the position of drummers. In the punk rock scene, artists draw inspiration from acts like The Who and Led Zeppelin.

Q: How did Travis Barker overcome his fear of flying?

A: Following a horrific plane tragedy in 2008, Barker’s phobia of flying reached its height. It took him a mixture of therapy, gradual exposure, and unwavering resolve to follow his passion for music to overcome this fear.

Q: What are Travis Barker’s notable collaborations outside of Blink-182?

A: Barker’s ability to work with musicians from a variety of genres shows off his flexibility. Notable collaborations include his work with hip-hop musicians Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly, and Kid Cudi, which demonstrate his ability to slickly combine punk and hip-hop influences.


In summary, Travis Barker’s path is a symphony of passion, resiliency, and inventiveness. Rather than just a chronological succession of years. So here we have shared all the details about Travis Barker height, age, and net worth. Fans and aspiring musicians alike can relate to Barker’s story. Which spans his life from the pinnacles of his commanding presence to the lowest points of his personal troubles. The rhythm maestro will undoubtedly have a lasting impression on music for years. Come as he develops further, demonstrating that age is nothing more than a number when your heartbeat beats in time with the melody.

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